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Talking About the Negatives

I wanted to start off by thanking you all for working with us through the changes we’ve had on our website in the last week or so. We had an issue with our theme and one of the plugins not working well together. We think we have resolved the issue but please let us know […]

The Goose & Gander: Private Lending v. Rental Real Estate v. ???

Private Lending v. Real Estate Investing v. … So you want to get into “investing.” What are the merits and pit falls of rental income properties? Or trust deed (i.e. private lending)? Or permanent life insurance, or apartment buildings or hotels or commercial or mixed use… Do you feel exhausted yet? Or broke? Just going […]

The Goose & Gander: How you can be smarter than the bank!

I was reading a number of forums in the last few days about some amazing deals that fellow investors were finding. Some of them were even putting up numbers and asking if they were missing anything in their analysis. And I thought nothing of it but I was putting together some long responses to help […]

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